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The Active Physiotherapy Group is proud to offer our clients expert tuition in The Pilates Method, the total physical conditioning program for both your body and your mind.

Pilates improves aspects such as strength, flexibility, co-ordination and posture with a strong focus on training your postural and stability muscles, making it ideal for those recovering from injuries and perfect for those looking for fitness and muscle toning.

Through Pilates you will learn to gain control of your body so that you understand 'how' to move. In this way, the physical gains you make will become functional, meaning that your day to day activities become easier and more efficient.

Recent scientific research in the field of Physiotherapy supports the key features and principles of the method. Our physiotherapists have undergone extensive training so that they can use Pilates as part of the rehabilitation process.

Pilates is long proven to be a safe and effective form of exercise which is suitable for anyone of any age and of any fitness or ability.

The following practices offer this service:

BassendeanBeechboro, CanningtonFloreat, Glen Forrest, KarrinyupMidland.