Physiotherapy Products

Hands on treatment and exercises are not all that we offer.

We have an extensive array of products to complement our treatment services, and our staff are trained to help you find the product that will best help your situation.

Our products include:111_1153.JPG

  • Orthopaedic Braces - to provide support for injured or arthritic areas
  • Heat Packs - in various sizes and shapes for different body parts
  • Sports strapping tape
  • Ice Packs and Compressive Bandages for acute injury management
  • Pillows - to support your sore or injured neck
  • Exercise Bands and other equipment to continue your rehabilitation at home
  • Orthotics - to help improve the biomechanics of your lower limbs
  • Lumbar Rolls - to help your sitting posture, great for many cases of low back pain
  • Anti-inflammatory Gels
  • Dietary Supplements, including glucosamine and omega 3 fish oil tablets

Please drop into your nearest Active Physiotherapy Group practice to see the full range of physiotherapy related products we provide.